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Vocabulary Tips

13 Best Tips To Memorise English Vocabulary Easily

Easy Ways to Memorize English Vocabulary

If you can not remember the English words, then the following tips will help you to remember the English vocabulary.

#01 read

Read whatever you have available in English, read such as Literature Book, Comic Book, Magazine, Cooking Book, News Articles etc. And from which you are interested, read this, the best way to learn English Vocabulary.

#02 Understand the context

You read many English words every day but you do not know when and how to use those words.
So it is useless to read all those words.
It is important to read because it refers to every word and it will help you to understand the meaning of words and when to use it, for example in the sentence "This soup is awesome it tests so bitter" you do not understand the meaning of bitter But due to the context of this sentence, you will easily understand it.
Context helps us how to use words in the formal or informal language and for this reason, we can easily remember the sentence quite easily.

#03 related words

 As you are learning a word like "care", you do not stop here, use the dictionary or the internet and search for other words like this or similar expression such as careful, carefree, careless, take care etc. You were learned only one word here but you got to learn another 4 new words, this easy way to understand the words and remember the "English vocabulary".

#04 make Sentences 

Using the words we have learned, we should make the sentence, that will be able to understand when to use the word 'new words'
To remember these words in future, use words in a sentence to learn new words, meaning that whenever you learned any new words, use 10 separate sentences and make it easy, so it will be easy to remember the new word.
By making a sentence, you will help in learning your mind. It will involve you in the learning process.

#05 records yourself 

You record your own voice and listen to it, this will be the practice of speaking your mouth to English and your pronunciation will be right.

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English will have more connections with your mind, if you have read English in the past but you have not practiced for a long time then you may know English words but remembering them will be very difficult for you when you speak English words You will start practicing the meaning of it, then when it will need words for you then it will be a desperation for you to use it, so use your camera, mobile or webcam and record it yourself You can use new learned words. that will help you remind their words which have memorized. 

# 06 make a flashcard 

It's a very popular way of remembering new words, writing a new word on a paper, where you see it again or see it, you can do it at home or in the office. You will be remembered by seeing and reading because it will be repetition and words will be permanently remembered.

#07 Mnemonics 

It's a way to remember something in a spirit of consciousness, type its best online resource at mnemonicdictionary.com, type it in the word you want to remember, and you will find many different ways to remember the new word. Which will help you remember the word?

# 08 take notes

Great little technique, you keep a notebook and a pencil, you have a new word that you want to learn, listen to it in a movie or song, and remember it when you find it later and find the meaning of it.

# 09 play games

If you want to learn English words funny and easy way, then play the game, such as Boggle or Scrabble it will test your creativity and will force you to think out of the box.

#10 speaking

We talked further about how your recording will help you to learn, this is the second way to teach English vocabulary, talk to your friend and others in English.
If you do not have any friends or people who can talk to you in English then search for those who want to learn English as you like, invite them for tea or coffee, if you still do not find any such thing If you have been there, you can use it for online apps such as Whats-App, Facebook, Skype, and you can practice it there.
If you have such a friend or person, then practice English with him, select different topic every time and use the new spoken vocabulary in it. This will help you greatly, in learning and using new words.

Find an English speaking partner through Skype

#11 Repeat   

It's 100% right. If you want to learn a new thing, repeat it repeatedly, take a little time every day to learn new English vocabulary, it is not necessarily how you read but you can do a little bit of everyday practice and repeat it.

#12 learn words native language to English 

When we learn new English words, then most of the English to mother tongue is taught in English but do not do it in your mother tongue to English. What will happen if you go to English when you speak If you do not remember any English word what will you think?
Any native language word "Success" means you will not be able to remember then you will think that your local language (success) will mean what it means, meaning you will think that "success" is what is called in English?
It is necessary that you are learning English, not the native language.

#13 be patience

Have patience, 
If you are unable to remember the English vocabulary and you want to remember it easily, follow these tips and it will be very easy to remember English words.