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Speak English fluently Online

Speak English Fluently Online

In today's era, English has become a language spoken by millions of people and is written if you go somewhere for business deal or interview in a multinational company and you want to get a good job. then you should know English well, does not matter how proficient you are in any profession, without the English speaking skills, all this is waste

I am not telling you in this article that you forget your mother tongue Or do not like to speak to same. Speaking of your mother tongue is our religion but along with it, it is also necessary to speak English in order to advance our business or profession.
This article is not talking about English language only, it is for learning all the languages. If you want to learn a language then its grammar is not mandatory for you because when we are Child, Whether we know the language of any grammar, this is answer no but in spite of this we also have the knowledge of speaking language
However, the meaning of saying that learning any of your languages depends on your environment.

Solutions Fix To Poor Listening

Speaking skills often get more attention than listening skills but both are very important. If you are an intermediate to advanced English learner that still struggles to understand what you hear, check out this article where we go into depth about how to overcome problems in the listening process.

Listen To English Speaking Show

Find an interesting TV show, radio show, or even podcast that you can listen to both at home and on the go. Spend as much of your downtime as possible listening to spoken English. ITunes offers a great variety of hour long podcasts that you can directly download to your mp3 player. Listening to spoken English will help you improve your improve your vocabulary, learn better sentence structure and make learning the correct pronunciation of difficult words even easier.

Start A Blog

Use your hobbies, field of study or career path to help you learn English. While you may have a solid foundation in reading, writing and speaking in English, there will be many words that are specific to your hobbies, studies or career that will not come up in everyday conversations or during your English classes. To master these interest specific words, try writing a regular blog about subjects related to your field of study, interests or career path. Even if you are just summarizing articles in English, you will quickly become familiar with the English translations of words that you are already familiar with your native language.

read news paper daily

Read newspapers daily. Don't just read them, understand all the news and articles you read. Stand in front of a mirror and talk about those articles. Explain them to your reflection. It will certainly boost your confidence.
The best way to learn a skill is by practising it. So find a friend or relative who speaks English fluently and converse with him. Ask him to correct your mistakes. Learn from him.
Also, you can watch English series.
These things will improve your English, just do them religiously.


Now a days our generation is very much involved into this activity of chatting online with friends and families. Do it but for a good purpose. Do type your text in English rather than in any other language. Hence your grammartical errors will be minimized upto some extent.

inrease your interst area

This is where you have to stretch your self. Increase your span of reading eg.if you are interested in sports do read that topic but give some time to other headings too like business, science, frictions, history etc. This will not only increase your knowledge but you will also learn usage of different words in different fields.
Last but not the least watch good English movies, refer to good language books, talk with your friends and families in English. English conversation is necessary, hence slowly and gradually you will see the change within yourself
Work on. Hope this will help you.