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IELTS Tips & Trick

IELTS Tips & Trick

Following are some tips and tricks for the of your IELTS exam. These prevention will help to get batter score your IELTS exam and also during your test. These tips are for both General and Academic tests.

On the Day IELTS Exam Tips and tricks

Be prepared for your IELTS exam by making sure you know well what will happen in the day of your test. Check all tips and norms following.

Sleep & Eat Well

The IELTS test is long. That will takes 02 hours and 40 mins to do the listening, reading and writing test. There is no any break during the tests. Make sure you are well relaxed and have eaten in order to keep your attention during your test.


Wear comfy clothing. You are not marked on your magnitude for any part of the test. So, wear something that you are suitable in and that gives you confidence. The test room might be cold in the aircon is on, so take an extra layer of clothing with you.


You can take a drink before entrance the exam room as long as it is in a transparent bottle.

Arrive Early.

Make sure you know how long it takes to get to your IELTS test center and exactly where the test will be done. Do not arrive late or you will not be allowed to enter the exam room. You will have to register, so be sure to arrive with enough time.


The listening, reading and writing tests take two hours and forty minutes. There is no rest, so be sure to go to the bathroom before entering the exam room. If you need the toilet during the test, raise your hand and the monitor will let you go. But you will lose valuable time doing this and it could affect your score.

No Phones

You will not be allowed to take your phone or any other electronic item to the testing room.

Pencil, pencil and eraser

You can carry pens, pencils and erasers in your test. You can not take a dictionary or additional paper to the testing room. For your oral examination, you can not take anything to the room, except your identification.


Check with your testing center exactly what identification you need to take with you. Do not forget.

Listen to instructions

Listen with attention to all instructions given before your test begins.


The be a clock in the exam room. Make sure you know where you are before the test begins so you can continue to check it in your reading and writing test. You can not take your watch to the exam room.


If you have any form that is a disability that will affect your test, you should speak with the testing center well in advance of the test date.

Focus & Be Calm

Be sure to take the exam with a clear goal and an understanding of the techniques you need to use. Be calm and confident at all times.

Do not

Do not cheat This is an international test and cheating or copying is not allowed.

Without a dictionary

It is not allowed to use any form of learning aid in your exam.

Do not take the test paper home.

It is not allowed to take home any part of the question document.

Tips for the IELTS exam during your exam

The following tips for the IELTS exam for each part of the IELTS exam will help you focus on the right things during the exam. Do not lose marks for not being prepared.

Tips for the IELTS listening test

Make sure your headphones are working. Raise your hand if you have a problem. If headphones are not used, make sure you can listen to the recording. If you need to increase the volume, raise your hand immediately and someone will come and ask what the problem is. Explain that you need to increase the volume.

Use the time given to prepare the questions. Always read all the questions before the recording begins. You should practice doing this at home. Focus on listening to the answers instead of trying to understand everything. Write your answers in your question paper while listening. Make sure you notice how many words you can have for every answer. You will be given 10 minutes after the end of the recording to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. Always check your spelling and grammar. It is recommended to use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS FOR YOUR ANSWERS.

Tips for the IELTS reading test

Read the instructions carefully and take note of how many words you can use for your answer.

Don’t spend time trying to find one answer. Just move on the next question. Keep your eye on the clock. Write your answers directly into the your answer sheet. There is no extra time will be transferring answer in to the answer sheet.

Always take some time to analyze the questions before looking for an answer. Beware of paraphrasing. Your goal is to find answers, not understand the whole passage. It is recommended to use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS FOR YOUR ANSWERS.

IELTS Writing Exam Tips

Do not spend more than 20 minutes on task 1. Keep checking the time so you do not make this mistake. You need 40 minutes for homework. 2. Always write more than 150 words for homework 1 and more than 250 words for homework. 2. See this lesson on the recommended word count.

Do not count the number of words, count the lines and estimate the word count. See this lesson to learn how to correctly use the official IELTS writing answer sheet.

You can plan your essay on the paper of the question. No additional paper is given for planning. The examiner will not examine your planning, only your essay. Always write a clear summary for academic task 1. See here about the conclusion / general topic. For Task 1 of GT, be sure to cover all the points requested in your letter.

Always write your conclusion for task 2. Never miss it.

Always organize your writing for both tasks in body paragraphs.

Correct your spelling. You can use American or British spelling.

Keep all information focused and relevant. More does not mean better.

If you run out of paper, raise your hand and you can get more.

Do not remove any paper from the examination room.

IELTS Speaking Exam Tips

Practice speaking English before your exam. Be confident and ready to chat.

This is not a formal interview.

Listen to the question and answer directly.

Add more information to all the answers.

Do not focus only on the vocabulary. The vocabulary is only 25% of your notes.

You can take what you want.

This is not a job interview.

Clothing does not affect your score. Use a range of grammatical tenses in your exam.

The pronunciation of American or British English can be used.

Ask one more time examiner to repeat the question if you need it.

The examiner will provide you with a pen and paper to prepare your talk for part 2.

The examiner will not examine your plans and will only mark your talk.

Tips for the IELTS exam: one week before

1.Complete IELTS practice tests

2. Make sure you have completed at least one or two full IELTS practice tests before your actual test.

3. Practice using the official IELTS writing paper:

4. Review common topics to speak IELTS and write IELTS.

5. If you are concerned about your test, consider reserving two tests. You can use the best score of any test.