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How To Improve IELTS Reading Skill

how to improve IELTS reading skill

Hello friends
Today we will talk about how you can improve your reading skills in the IELTS exam.
Today I will tell you some tips given below if you follow them, then I believe you will definitely qualify for the IELTS exam.
Let's start this exam to give you an hour to complete. In this, you are given 3 passage. Reading section is a bit harder than others, so you have to be well prepared to give this exam
Apart from this, the total will be 40 questions, all the question will be objective, into the 3 passage

1. no time to transfer answer in the answer sheet

As you know, in the listening test, after listening to the audio, the time is given to transfer the answer. This kind of time is not given in the reading test so that you fill in your Answers Direct Answer Sheet only.

2. read the question first

As soon as you have a question seat, start reading it fast. It should not be that you read the passage before, read the question afterward because there we are not going to understand anything before you read the quotations and read the message after doing so. It will be easy to give you answers, as well as your time, will also be saved

3. emphasis on the spelling 

Do not write incorrectly spelling in any answer If you have any doubt related to spelling, then try searching spelling in the passages and question sheet.

4. underline the keywords in the passage

If you do underline keywords, you will be able to find their answers easily when you answering the question.
You can give this an idea of this which is present in the keywords, if the keyword is present in the passage, then it means that the answer can be around the passage of the keyword.

use a pencil for marking & Underline

Use a pencil to mark keywords or to underline any keywords. If any of your keywords get mismarked then you can remove it and do correct marking again.

6. forget the left focus on next

If you are not getting the answer to any question, then leave it immediately to focus on the next question. If you waste your time behind a question then your time will be wasted so you will not have the time for the right question.
You can sort this kind of question later on in the remaining time.

don't read the passage slowly

During the exam, you do not need to read the entire passage if you want to read it completely, read it very quickly.

8. no need to understand everything

You read the entire paragraph and understand that you don't need to that if you do this then your time will be wasted
You read this on the question of keywords of the question and try to give the earliest answer.