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How to writing an Essay

How to write an Essay?

essay writing

The most ravenous task in a student’s life is to write a powerful essay. supposing the essay is for a class or a competition, every student goal to write a better essay as compared to the peers. However, most of the students get stuck in between when there are no inclusive guidelines to follow or when they fall short of content. The following tips will help you in writing a super-grade essay which will perfectly suit every subject for both academic & non-academic intentions.

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Know Your Subject

Before writing an essay, it is compulsory to understand your subject well. A proper knowledge of the topics will ease your writing task. This knowledge might be acquired by attending lectures, reading books, articles and journals on the assigned topic and will help you in writing an authoritative and skimping essay. Although it might be attractive to copy someone else’s work in your essay, this would be plagiarism that will have grievous outputs. Even then, instead of copying someone’s ideas, you can rephrase and resource them.

Determine the Type of Essay

During the writing an essay, a student must stick to a dedicated writing style. Whether writing an academic and a non-academic essay, short-out the type of essay you will be writing. Some of the common essay types include narrative, expository, persuasive and literary essays. For example, you can use the narrative types for presenting an outlook of the subject or an expository style to provide an analysis. ditto, persuasive type of essay will be required to convince the reader to take a particular action and literary type refers to writing about a book or making a review.

An academic type of essay needs to be more accurately and should consist of an introduction, followed by the main article including the key findings and arguments supporting the subject and ending with a firm cessation. as long as most of the academic essays are expository, non-academic essays are usually of the persuasive type. Also, there is a difference in the tone of both the types of essays as for an academic essay you need to follow a formal and professional manner including academic phrases and words. At the same time, non-academic essays may be written in more journalistic pattern. Knowing this difference, that will help you improve the language of your essay and make it more impressive.

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Structure Your Essay

A perfect structured essay with relevant content is must to keep the reader hold until the end. A typical essay must be built up of three important section: introduction, body and conclusion. This not only helps students in setting up a context for the essay but is also helpful for presenting the facts, developing the arguments and summarizing the main points.

Introduction – Most of the students repeat information in the introduction and turn off the reader with non required information. In order to write an super grade essay a student need to be set SMART objectives in the introduction where, S – Specific, M – Measurable, A – Achievable, R – Relevant and T – Time-bound. By including these SMART objectives in an essay, a student can keep a solid information which will easily advantage the attention of the reader and will make them continue reading the essay.

Main Body – An essay body often consists of supporting paragraphs, carefully arranged to develop the main idea. Particularly care should be taken that the opening sentence of each paragraph must have a lot of inclusive pieces tied together to be truly more effective. Generating use of transitions such as, [moreover], [furthermore], [on the other hand], etc. will allow for better flow of ideas. These transitional phrases help to the reader link information together or contrast the facts.

Conclusion – A results draws together the information and ideas produced in the essay even summarizing the main findings and arguments. As the chief point is the final paragraph of an essay, it should follow a rigid format. You can make some strong statements in the conclusion by confidently reviewing the topic and summarizing it in brief. To make conclusion impressive, you must link your goal and objectives to the findings. The conclusion should be concise and it must not be present any new information.

Critical vs. Descriptive Writing

Many students write an essay which is full of learned tones and an unnatural manner. In order to fill the word length, students even fall into the trap of expanding the essay without considering on its quality and include non-relevant information. To maintain a good writing style all over the essay, it is significant to use particular information, active verbs, short sentences and natural academic language. Use of interesting information and examples in simple language will make your essay more concise, clear and readable compared to the one with long and complex phrases that are difficult to understand.

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An ideal essay should keep continue a balance between critical and descriptive writing. A descriptive writing manner  more highlighted on telling the readers about your research based on the research methods used, practical theories, biographical description and a general description. Now those a critical writing focuses more on screening the significance of information, weighing the strengths and the weaknesses, providing pieces of evidences and putting together a reasoned argument.

Descriptive writing is comparatively simple as it is used to set a background on the subject on which an argument can be created. It displayed the situation in its original form without giving any analysis and discussions. An essay consisting of only descriptive writing will not be think over an A grade essay as it lacks evidence and arguments. By making use of complicated writing, students can make space for an academic debate in their essay which will give it a more challenging and confident feel. By contributing your views towards the proof and arguments, you can write an essay of a much higher level.

Edit Your Essay

Editing is the most important factor that will make differ between an A grade essay and a B grade essay. It allows students to review, check, touch-up, simplify, modify and polish the essay. A well-edited essay will give readers a consolidated reading experience and make an Endless impression in their minds